Murielle hasn't missed a day...

 Murielle loves the HIIT30 Online Studio because it allows her to workout at-home, any time of the day. She converted guest room into a gym. Completed 80+ workouts in 12 weeks. Her teenager joins reluctantly. Has lost over 15 pounds!!!

Dana's explains how she does it...

 Another inspiring story from our community. Below is a photo of Dana fitting into her dress 💃🏼 - along with a short clip of her sharing with us how she makes HIIT30 workouts part of her day...

Nicole Lost 25lbs...

If weight loss is your goal, you've go to check out Nicole's story.  I promise - if you can commit to showing-up, the smile on your face will be just as bright. You'll feel great and begin to look amazing in no time...

How many times do you set a goal to get in shape only to fall off the wagon at some point?

You can raise your hand. It’s okay. 
Tell me right now if this sounds similar to your journey.

You get frustrated with your appearance and decide to do something about it.
You sign up for a program and hit the grocery store to buy all the healthy things.
You go pretty hard for the first week maybe two weeks.

 Then life happens, you miss a day which turns into two days and before you know it, old habits are rearing their ugly head.

It’s in that moment you give up.
Only to resolve to get in shape a few months later therefore starting this ugly cycle all over again.

It’s defeating.

You feel like a failure.
The truth of the matter is you’re not a failure.

I see you.
I understand you.

The key to your success is support!

The truth is the supported woman is the woman who hits her goals. 

Sometimes you have this preconceived notion that the woman in great shape is better than you but that’s not true.

The truth is she had systems in place to help her.

She has support.
She has the tools.
She knows how to workout.
She created some new healthy habits.

She believed in herself.

The thing is that once you get the support and the know-how, you can become her. She’s already inside of you just waiting to come out. 

Maybe she feels far away right now.
Maybe those goals seem unattainable. 

I know reading this right now is going make it seem like it’s so simple but things are easier said than done, right?

Introducing the HIIT30 Online Studio

This HIIT30 Online Studio is designed to help you hit your goals and stick with them! 
There’s no going at it alone anymore.

I’m in your corner and I’m ready to see you succeed.

You get 24/7 access to me.

Unlimited 30 minute impactful, efficient workouts so you can always fit it into your day. 
Monthly fitness challenges. 
A private community. 
Weekly coaching calls. 

Ready to get started?

Who am I?

Hi - I’m Chris LaLanne, grand-nephew of fitness legend, Jack LaLanne. I am truly honored to show up and serve the same way my uncle has. Growing up in the fitness industry, I’ve seen it all and tried it all so I know exactly what works. Together, we are going to create your own legacy that you can be proud of!

Are you ready to make that change?



 Unlimited 30 minute workouts handwritten and tested by me 
on-demand via Training App

Participate in a monthly fitness challenge to keep yo-self in check while having fun with the group

 Live 30 minute weekly Zoom Q&A Coaching calls to add support and improve your results 

Access to me 24/7 and our supportive community for help
with any thing at any time

Chris LaLanne,

You’re going to feel sexy again!

You’re going to feel confident when you walk out the door.
You’ll have more energy to play with your kids. 

I know you’re busy with the kids, the husband, the dog, the job, the house, and honestly the list goes on.

But you owe it to yourself and your family to show up as the best version of yourself.

I created my HIIT30 program with your schedule in mind.

Enroll today and change your life tomorrow!

Check out a few Testimonials...

You’ve got this!
Ready to get results like Nicole, Murielle, Stephanie and Jillian?
(read their testimonials above)

I promise we won’t leave you stuck in the same place you are today.
If you show up with us, your life will change.
You are capable.
When we live in a world of instant results and success, Facebook stories and Instagram highlight reels, we subconsciously believe success isn’t for us. We stop ourselves from believing and we get in our own way. 

We have this idea in our heads that we can’t be successful and we are completely incapable of hitting our goals.

YES. You are capable!
I dare you to say that out loud right now. Come on. I know it feels weird but say it. 

Now that you’ve said you’re capable, it’s time to show up for ourselves and the people around us! 
Chris LaLanne is the Grand Nephew of American Health and Fitness Pioneer Jack LaLanne. He is honored to carry the legacy into the future! He is thrilled to share his family’s enthusiasm for health and fitness by helping people, help themselves through implementation of effective, consistent diet and exercise programs.

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